My name is Endre and I am a car enthusiast from Bergen, Norway. I have had a great interest in cars for as long as I can remember. And has spent a lot of time in the garage and on race tracks since I was a kid.

In 2019 I bought myself a camera because I had a bigger car project that I was working on and I still went to car meets. So then I thought that I could start to take pictures of the car meet. So thats when I started to get more into photography and a bit later I also started to do a bit video of the car meets. 

In October 2021 I posted my first video of my all wheel drive Golf Mk1 project car. Previously I had posted some videos on Youtube where I was only behind the camera. With the video of the project car I would try to be a bit in front of the camera as well. 

The name Gateslicks is a Norwegian slang for street legal slicks tires. Its contains two words 'gate' which translates to street and the English word 'slicks'. Like in 'semi slicks'. I though it sounded cool, so Gateslicks it is.